About Roseland

Mission Statement
The Borough of Roseland is committed to maintaining  a vibrant atmosphere within our community. Under the direction of our Mayor and Council we are dedicated to providing a full range of municipal services to our community. We maintain and follow current ordinances and policies that support our goal.

Through responsible fiscal management and strong ethical values, we provide services and programming to meet the needs of our community with a focus on the health and safety of our residents. We strive to maintain the traditions of our community while staying current as a 2 1st century Borough.

We stress pride in our infrastructure and emphasize the need for a clean and safe community. Fiscal prudence, cultural and recreation programs, conservation, climate protection and sustainability are of great importance to the Borough of Roseland.
Our dedication to effective communication and strong leadership will continue supporting our efforts and commitment to deliver services, preserve, protect and enhance the quality of life for the residents.

fccaCountry: United States
State: New Jersey
County: Essex
Incorporated: March 10, 1908

- Type Borough (New Jersey)
- Form Mayor-Council_Administrator Plan
- Administrator Maureen Chumacas

Elected Officials
- Mayor, John Duthie
- Councilman, Peter Smith
- Councilman, Thomas Tsilionis
- Councilman Christopher Bardi
- Councilman, David Jacobs
- Councilman, Richard Leonard
- Council President, Michele Tolli