Community Events Committee

About Us

The Advisory Roseland Community Events Committee shall help to foster and promote a friendly, welcoming, and caring community within the Borough. The general work of the Committee is to help generate a sense of community by creating a hospitable atmosphere for the Borough as well as organizing occasions where friendliness, welcoming, and care of individuals and the Borough are promoted. Members of the Committee shall meet on a quarterly basis. The Committee may adopt rules and procedures governing the conduct of its meetings and activities and shall elect officers from among its membership as the Committee may deem necessary.


The Advisory Roseland Community Events Committee shall consist of six (6) members, one of whom shall be the Mayor and another shall be the Director of the Roseland Recreation Department. The remaining four (4) members of the Committee shall be appointed by the Mayor, and shall either be residents of the Borough or a business owner within the Borough. The Mayor shall serve as Chairperson and Presiding Officer of the Committee. The members shall meet on a quarterly basis and the term of office for members shall be for one (1) calendar year or until the appointment and qualification of their successors.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Michael Colitti (973) 403-6822
Ryan Schwertfeger (973) 403-6867

Committee Members

Name Title
James R. Spango Chairman
Michael Colitti Recreation Director
Lauren Seiner Member
Eileen Stewart Member
Barbara Scheifler Member