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On January 4, 2011 Mayor John Duthie took over as the 19th mayor of Roseland. Roseland has had 19 mayors since it's founding in 1908. These official portraits hang in the Council Chamber located in Borough Hall. (Click on links above to review all 19 Roseland mayor's)
mayJohn Duthie has served as Roseland Councilman since 2007 and Chairman of the Council's Administration and Finance Committee for three years. John's decision-making has helped to hold the line on local taxes during the most challenging of economic times in decades. John knows the importance of efficient, honest government. His considerable business background has been a valuable asset to Roseland. He has been instrumental in networking within Essex County government to share services and ensure Roseland receives the maximum benefit for its county tax dollars.

Mayor's Office: 140 Eagle Rock Avenue 
Phone: 973.403-6024 |973-403-6031

The role of the Mayor of Roseland is to represent Roseland Borough Council and the communities of the Borough. The Mayor's responsibilities include the following:
  • To uphold, promote and interpret the Constitution
  • To preside over meetings so that its business can be carried out efficiently
  • To ensure that the Council meeting is a forum for Council's activities
  • To attend civic and ceremonial functions within the Borough and the wider community
During his or her Mayoral term, Mayor John Duthie will attend civic and ceremonial functions within the Borough and the wider community.Mayor John Duthie welcomes invitations to attend events around the Borough. If you would like to invite Mayor John Duthie to attend your event please send a formal invitation, with details of the event to, Mayor John Duthie, Roseland Borough Council, 19 Harrison Avenue, Roseland, NJ 07068.

If the Mayor is able to attend then you will receive a proforma asking for specific details of the event. This should be completed and returned at least 10 days before the event so that the Mayor and his or her attendant has all the necessary details. 

On some occasions it may not be possible for the Mayor to attend. Should this be the case, the Council President will deputise for the Mayor, where possible. You will be notified in advance if the Mayor is unable to attend.