2nd Quarter Property Taxes - Grace Period Extended

Borough Seal

In accordance with Gov. Phil Murphy’s recent executive order allowing municipalities to extend the grace period for second-quarter property taxes, the Borough of Roseland held a special Zoom meeting on Monday in order to adopt an official resolution authorizing an extension for Roseland taxpayers.

Although the governing body could not legally postpone the May 1 deadline for payments, the resolution extends the grace period from May 11 to May 31, meaning that taxpayers will be able to submit their property taxes until the end of the month without penalty or interest.

“Ensuring the banks, which hold our residents who pay their taxes with their mortgages in escrow, pay their taxes on time was paramount to the governing body passing this legislation today,” said Mayor James Spango. “Today we guaranteed that our residents who could not pay their taxes due to financial hardship were given another 20 interest-free days.”