Outdoor Dining Application Now Available

Dinner Table

To compensate for the changing landscape in regards to dining in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Borough of Roseland, NJ will now allow restaurants to provide outdoor dining for their patrons, provided that the restaurant fills out, submits, and receives approval from the Borough to do so.

"The Borough is committed to assisting our Businesses affected by COVID-19 and desires to see them all thrive again,” said Mayor James R. Spango. “The Borough will have these permits reviewed and approved or disapproved within hours so our Restaurants can open for outdoor dining as soon as possible. We encourage our residents to eat locally and support our businesses that support our community in times of need. My family and I can't wait to enjoy all of our great restaurants again!”

By passing Resolution 204-2020, the Borough has now waived the annual license fee for temporary outdoor seating and explicitly lays out the appropriate conditions and locations for restaurants to offer dining outdoors.

Application reviews will be expedited in an effort to assist restaurants being able to offer outdoor dining in a timely manner.

If a restaurant has additional questions or needs assistance completing the application, they are advised to please call the Borough Administrator at 973-403-6884.