Municipal Alliance Committee

Our Purpose

The Municipal Alliance Committee shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Governing Body in matters concerning the identification of alcoholism and drug prevention, education and community needs and implementation of programs.

The Membership of the Alliance Committee shall include broad representation of no fewer than twenty (20) persons from the Borough.

It is the purpose of this section to establish a means for the Borough of Roseland to actively participate in the State's efforts against alcoholism and drug abuse by:

  1. Organizing and coordinating efforts involving schools, law enforcement, business groups and other community organizations for the purpose of reducing alcoholism and drug abuse.
  2. In cooperation with local schools, developing comprehensive and effective alcoholism and drug abuse education programs.
  3. Developing comprehensive alcoholism and drug abuse education, support and outreach efforts for parents in the community.
  4. Developing comprehensive alcoholism and drug abuse community awareness programs.

Meetings are Open to the Public.


Council Representative

Richard McDonough

Police Representative

Lauren Seiner

Religious Group

Salvana Verola


Andrea Gillespie


Vacancy One

Municipal Youth Guidance Representative

Vacancy Two

Borough Employee