Municipal Youth Guidance Subcommittee

About Us

The purpose of the Municipal Youth Guidance Subcommittee is to provide community service through a variety of activities and to develop good character traits that will help support lifelong achievements. The community service activities are open to all students enrolled in private and public high schools in grades 9 through 12.

Our youth members have been involved in establishing a 9/11 Scholarship, creating a Perennial Garden for the Historical Society, and the Verizon “Hope Line” Cell Phone Collection. Other events have included the New Jersey Cares Coat Drive, the MS Walk, Senior Citizen Social, and Youth Week Recognition. We are anticipating many exciting activities in the coming year! Participation and community service is very important and will benefit each student in many ways.


Responsible for Youth Guidance, programs, and activities. Dedicated to providing service opportunities to Roseland Youth. The committee works toward benefiting our community, while encouraging and developing good character values in our young people.


The Municipal Youth Guidance Sub Committee shall consist of Twelve (12) members, one (1) being a member of the Council and the remaining eleven (11) being residents of the Borough. The term of each member shall run from July 1 through June 30. Background Checks are required for all Municipal Youth Guidance Subcommittee Members.

Committee Members

Name Title
Carol Corcoran Member
Kerry Dick Member
Leslie Klaff Member
Dianna Linnett Member
Eileen Masone Member
Suzanne Panicoe Member
Nicole Sumato Member
Lois Vitiello Member
Eileen Weiss Member
Jill Frangione Member