Roseland Welcomes New Police Officers and Promotes Eight

The Borough of Roseland, NJ welcomed four new police officers to the Borough’s police force and promoted eight others to the rank of sergeant and lieutenant at a special council meeting held on Tuesday, February 28, 2023. Police Patch

The Governing Body welcomed new officers Carlos Gonzalez, Sam Hopkins, Andrew Novak, and William Russell as members of the Roseland Police Department, as they fill in position openings left vacant over the last few months as the Borough has seen numerous retirements within the Department.

“I thank the new officers for their willingness to serve our community for the next quarter of decade and wish them the best of luck and to remain safe throughout their careers,” said Roseland Mayor James R. Spango.

In addition, the Borough promoted eight members of the Police Department up the ranks. Officers Michael Bellantoni, Frederick Hesselbirg, Jason Hiter, Joseph Laposta, and Tracy Nicholson were all promoted to the rank of Sergeant while Sergeants Raymond Boulard, Eddie Fernandez, and Michael Luongo were all promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.

“I congratulate the newly promoted supervisors within the police department,” added Mayor Spango. “Our police department is at a crucial point. With 75 % of our supervisors retiring, these newly promoted officers have a great responsibility in guiding and teaching their subordinates; but also, a great opportunity to set the course of our police department.”

The Borough is committed to keeping the community safe by having a properly staffed Police Department, while also showing appreciation to existing police officers in the department by giving them the recognition and promotions that are deserved.