Recreation Committee

About Us

The Recreation Committee consists of nine (9) members who are residents of the Borough of Roseland and are appointed by the Mayor with the advise and consent of the  Borough Council.

Our Duties

The duty of the Recreation Committee is to plan, promote, study and make recommendations regarding recreational programs within the Borough and undertake such projects as requested by the governing body. Upon request of the Governing Body the Committee may:

  • Recommend action to improve, maintain, equip and staff the playgrounds and recreational facilities.
  • Recommend recreational programs, activities, programs and contest and the like for the recreation of residents.
Charles Lombardi


William Styskal

Vice Chairman

John Flood


Vinny Rubino

Committee Member

Steven Batta

Committee Member

Matt Bonaguide

Committee Member

Ken Freeman

Committee Member

Angela Gillespie

Committee Member

Jeff Liddle

Committee Member