Rent Review Board


The Roseland Rent Review Board shall consist of five (5) regular members. The members of the Board shall be appointed for a three (3) year term by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the Borough Council. Each member of the Board shall serve without compensation. A quorum shall consist of three (3) members. Action may be taken by a majority of the members present at the meeting, provided that there is a quorum.

Not less than one (1), nor more than two (2) of the regular members shall be landlords, and not less than one (1) nor more than two (2) of the regular members shall be tenants. At least one regular member shall be the owner-occupant of a single-family residence who is not a landlord or tenant.

There shall also be appointed in the same manner and for the same terms as regular members, three (3) alternate members, who may serve in the absence or disqualification of regular members as directed by the Chairman of the Board. The three (3) alternate members shall consist of one landlord, one tenant, and owner-occupant of a single-family residence. In the absence of a regular voting member, the alternate member of the same classiciation shall be entitled to vote; provided, however, that if the alternate landlord or tenant is needed, but is also unavilable, the owner-occupant alternate board member may vote in place of either such unavailable alternate landlord or tenant.

At its organization meeting, which shall be the first meeting each calendar year, the Board shall elect a Chairman and a Vice Chairman. The Chairman shall preside over all meetings of the Board and exercise all of the powers of the Chairman; provided, however, that in the absence, disqualification or abstention by the Chairman, the Vice Chairman shall have all of the powers of the Chairman.

Board Members

Name Title
Michael Heller Alt. 3 Homeowner
Vacant Spot 1 Landlord Regular
Vacant Spot 2 Landlord Regular
Steven Marx Tenant Regular
Ned Steiner Tenant Regular
David Veneri Single Family Resident
Vacant Spot Alternate 1 - Landlord
Beth Ravin Alternate 2 - Tenant