Roseland TV

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The PEG television channel shall operate on all cable service providers offering service in the Borough pursuant to a franchise authorized pursuant to the provisions of the State Cable Television Act.

The television channel shall operate in accordance with applicable provisions of the State Cable Television Act (NJ.SA. 48:5A-1 et seq.) and the Federal Telecommunications Act. The relationship between the municipality and the school district relating to the operation of the channel shall be in accordance with any shared services agreement in effect.

Watch Roseland TV

Roseland TV is broadcast on both cable providers in the Borough, Verizon and Comcast, and is also availabe through LocalBTV to watch on cell phones, tablets, and several streaming services.

Comcast customers can watch our channel in SD on Channel 35.

Verizon customers can watch our channel in HD on Channel 2146. If you do not have HD with Verizon, you will not be able to watch our channel. If you have Verizon, have an HD set top box, but cannot tune to the new Roseland TV channel, you likely have an older set top box that are part of the Motorola model 6xxx series. Verizon offers FREE upgrade and replacement for these models, so contact Verizon at 1-800-VERIZON to get a new box.

Watch Roseland TV anytime, anywhere on LocalBTV live streaming app. Viewers can download the app in Google Play or the App Store and go to "Community" channel line up to find our channel and watch 24/7! Viewers must type in Roseland's ZIP Code "07068" when signing up. Roseland TV is now streaming wherever you go on LocalBTV on Channel 75.8!

Council Meetings

Roseland Borough Council Meetings are broadcast live on Roseland TV and on the Borough YouTube channel the evening of the meeting, which is usually the third Tuesday of the month. Caucus meetings are not televised. The last council meeting is also replayed until the next meeting is held. Council meetings replay at 1am, 1pm, and 7pm every day.

Having a problem watching Roseland TV?

If you have Comcast or Verizon and trying to watch Roseland TV but having or noticing an issue, please contact our Public Information Officer Ryan Schwertfeger during Borough hours at 973-403-6867 to report your problem. Ryan will likely ask you several questions about the problem you are experiencing and will work to resolve the issue if the problem is on the Borough's end.

The types of allowed content on the Television Channel shall be as follows:

  1. Live broadcasting: Live coverage of designated meetings and events.
  2. Previously Live Programs: Past meetings, shows and events that were broadcast live but also recorded for rebroadcast at a later time.
  3. Staff-originated programming and messages: Approved programming produced by the municipality, to include programs for local departments, issues related to municipal government or about groups, committees, boards, etc., that are affiliated with government and non-profits involved in the community.
  4. Outside-originated programming and messages: Approved programming that is related to government or the Borough that is produced by an outside source. This programming may be submitted, donated, purchased, rented or borrowed. Important information from the local and regional school system, Essex County government, State of New Jersey, and the federal government shall also be permissible to share through all Borough communication channels. Non-profit organizations based in Roseland may also submit appropriate programs to be seen by the community.
  5. Emergency broadcasts and messages, as needed
  6. Borough promotional announcements: events, programs and activities hosted by the Borough.
  7. Promotional announcements for events by Roseland based non-profit organizations or by non-Roseland based non-profit organizations shall only be permitted when an event is being held within the Borough or if it will bring a specific benefit to the Borough.
  8. Any non-profit organization wishing to promote a promotional event announcement through the Borough’s communications channels must fill out a specified form to be reviewed and approved. These entities will only be allowed to share said event information on the Borough television station, the online and printed Borough events calendar, and the Borough newsletter.
  9. Local Business Spotlight: A local business may be spotlighted only if all of the following circumstances are adhered to:
    1. The business must have had a newsworthy event occur, i.e., a ribbon cutting ceremony, a grand reopening, recognition of new ownership, acquired an award or distinction.
    2. The mayor or a member of the Borough Council attended the event.
    3. The publication of said content was approved by the Mayor or Borough Administrator.
    4. The content of the spotlight focuses on the newsworthy event alone, and not give any appearance of an endorsement or overly favorable treatment.