Planning Board


The function of the planning board is basically to oversee the "official map" of the borough. They review capital improvement projects and coordinate the "Master Plan" for the town.


Notice of all meetings is given to the public in accordance with the requirements of the "Open Public Meetings Act" (Sunshine Law) and the Municipal Land Use Law. All meetings are open to the general public in accordance with the requirements of the "Open Public Meetings Act".


Copies of the Borough of Roseland Land Development Ordinance may be purchased at the : Borough Clerk's office at Borough Hall, 140 Eagle Rock Avenue, Roseland NJ.


Adoption of a Master Plan, Subdivision control and site plan review for permitted uses, Recommendations as to the official map of the Borough, Conditional use applications, Recommendations as to the zoning ordinance or amendments thereto, Review of Capital Improvement Projects, and Variances under certain circumstances in connection with site plans and subdivisions.

Board Structure

A nine member board with two alternates authorized to exercise power with regard to the items listed above.

Louis LaSalle


Michael Oliveira

Vice Chair

Catherine Maddrey

Board Secretary

(973) 403-6046

Class I Member

Kevin Cody

Class I Member/Mayor's Alternate

Joseph LaMonica

Class II Member

Class III Member/Council Liaison

Richard Reynolds

Class IV Member

Jack Gordon

Class IV Member, Esq.

Manny Oliveria

Class IV Member

Michael Pacio

Class IV Member

Joseph Rolli

Alternate Member I

Bill Johnson

Alternate Member II