Roseland Communications

The Borough of Roseland, through its communication channels including, but is not limited to, Roseland’s PEG television station, television station Bulletin Board, social media channels, the Borough website, the Borough newsletter, Borough calendars – printed and digital, and other printed communications, shall:

  • Provide unedited content of Borough meetings and other municipal public meetings, as designated, for public consumption.
  • Provide comprehensive information about events, programs and services offered to Roseland residents by municipal departments and by non-profit organizations in the community.
  • Provide information pertinent to Roseland residents from other local, state, and federal governmental entities.
  • Widen the dissemination of information on the activities of the municipal government advisory bodies of the Borough.
  • Provide emergency communications in the event of disaster or widespread service disruption.
  • Provide and distribute programming and notices of interest to the residents, which will inform and educate, as well as encourage participation in government services, activities and decision making.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Ryan Schwertfeger Public Information Officer (973) 403-6867