Emergency Alert System

CivicReady signup

In our efforts to provide more reliable communications with residents [and businesses] in the Borough, we have implemented an emergency notification system so residents and businesses alike can receive advisory and emergency notifications from the Borough. The emergency alert system in its simplest form is a system that makes phone calls to specific people or areas in the event of an emergency or for sharing important information.

The Borough had used the SwiftReach911™ system for many years, but has now transitioned to a different provider, CivicReady, effective November 1, 2022. Resident information previously entered in under the SwiftReach911 program has been carried over to the CivicReady system BUT ONLY are signed up to receive emergency notifications.

If you WERE RECEIVING TEXT MESSAGE ALERTS PREVIOUSLY, please update your personal information and/or sign up for alerts and notifications about other alerts (such as weather, event cancelations and updates, road work notices, etc.), by going to the module below, click the green "Modify or Unsubscribe" button, and follow the steps to update your preferences. You may only be signed up for one category of alerts and not for other Alert groups.

If you were NOT RECEIVING ANY TYPE OF ALERTS PREVIOUSLY, click the green "Sign Up" button, and follow the steps to create a profile and receive the alerts you want.

There is also a free mobile app that residents can download to receive push notifications on your phone when an alert is sent out by the Borough. Residents are encouraged to download the free application on their Android or Apple devices. The phone number (973) 557-6889 will be used for voice calls coming from the Borough.

Emergency Alerts are defined as an occurrence that presents a significant risk to the health, safety, or general well-being of the residents, visitors, travelers, staff, businesses or to the property of the Borough of Roseland. Examples of emergency warning messages include:

  • Imminent or perceived threat to life or property
  • Disaster notifications
  • Evacuation notices
  • Public health or safety emergencies
  • Boil Water Advisories/Warnings
  • Any notification to provide emergency-related information

Community News & Announcements are defined as communications about non-life threatening, generally important, or day-to-day occurrences which may include, but not be limited to:

  • Meeting reminders
  • Road constructions and closures
  • Event specific messages
  • Closures due to weather
  • Utility work advisories and reminders
  • Water Main Breaks

If you are not signed up for the emergency alerts, please see below to add or update your contact information. You may also remove yourself from our lists.