Borough Budget & Financials

The Borough of Roseland unanimously passed the 2019 budget which funds community projects, improves infrastructure, increases transparency, betters communications, and aims to improve resident involvement in our town.

Residents will notice the positive effects of the new budget in both what they see around town and in the amount of money they are keeping in their wallet compared to other communities. The municipal tax increase for 2019 is 0.55%, which is only 0.05% higher than it was in 2018, which means the average resident will only see an increase of $15.39 over last year.

Coming in 2019, major initiatives that residents will see is a new Borough website, an upgrade to the public access television channel, a new summer concert series.

The 2019 budget also invests in services that will make a difference for every resident. For our first responders, new breathing apparatus and air packs, a new fire hose, new mobile vision cameras, and vehicle plate readers will help them do their job safely and more efficiently.

Several streets will be repaved, water mains will be replaced, and a plan to upgrade our parks and playgrounds over several years will start to be implemented.

The Borough also plans to be forward thinking and create a 10-year Capital improvement plan, reduce our debt and be debt free in a decade, and to explore additional shared service opportunities to lower costs and eliminate duplicate services.

You can Watch the 2019 Tax Bill Presentation here.