Borough Budget & Financials

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The Borough of Roseland passed the 2020 budget which pays down Borough debt, hires additional police officers, increases transparency through continued communication improvements, purchases new equipment for our first responders, and improves our local parks.

Residents will notice the continued hard work of the governing body to keep increases minimal to the average homeowner in Roseland. The municipal tax increase for 2020 is 0.54%, which is 0.01% lower of an increase than it was in 2019. This means the average resident will only see an increase of $14.94 over last year.

The 2020 budget also invests in Borough infrastructure, including new overhead doors at the DPW building, repaving of the parking lot at 140 Eagle Rock Avenue, the purchase of a new leaf vacuum, as well as continued water main replacements and utility system improvements.

Several streets will be repaved as well - Steel Court, Crestview Court, Cobb Terrace, Baldwin Court, and Conover Avenue - as part of the budget.