Borough Council


The Governing Body consists of the Mayor and six (6) Council members elected at large in the Borough, all of whom shall be elected and take office in the manner provided by law. The term of office of the Mayor and members of Council shall commence on January 1 next following their election.

The Council shall meet for organization on the first day of January following each general election, unless the Council shall by resolution postpone the organization meeting to any other day during the first week in January. Thereafter, Borough Council shall meet regularly within the Borough at such times and places as provided by resolution.

In accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act, N.J.S.A. 10:4-6 et seq., notice of all regular and special meetings of the Council shall be posted and meetings shall be open to the public with exceptions as provided in the Act. The Mayor shall, when necessary, call special meetings of the Council. In case of his neglect or refusal, any four (4) members of the Council may call such meetings at such time and place in the Borough as they may designate, and in all cases of special meetings, twenty-four (24) hours notice either in writing at the residence address of the member or by actually reaching the member by telephone shall be given to all members of the Council.