Library Board of Trustees


Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40:54-1 et seq., there is established in the Borough of Roseland a Library Board of Trustees.


The board shall hold in trust and manage all property of the library. It may rent rooms, or, when proper, construct buildings for the use of the library, purchase books, pamphlets, documents, papers and other reading matter, hire librarians, and other necessary personnel, and fix their compensation, make proper rules and regulations for the government of the library, and generally do all things necessary and proper for the establishment and maintenance of the free public library in the municipality. The board may also transfer to and receive from other libraries books, magazines, prints, maps and other related library materials for the purpose of augmenting the interlibrary loan service.


Board of Trustees shall consist of seven to nine members.

Board Members

Name Title
William Tedesco Member
Brian Donahue Member
Allison Jablonski Vice President
Saumita M. Lepre President
Judy Nelson Member
Deborah Sessa Superintendent Alt.
Aristotle Poplizio Mayor's Alternate
Christopher Bardi Council Liaison
Thomas Kaczynski Member
Christopher Bardi