Sustainable Jersey Green Team

About Us

The General purposes for the Green Team shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Managing Roseland's participation in the Sustainable Jersey program;
  • Encouraging the Borough residents and employees to pursue sustainable practices where possible and implement the Borough's environmental goals;
  • Work with the existing groups within the Borough whose actions effect environmental issues so as to eliminate duplication and ensure that important tasks are covered;
  • Coordinate input for the Sustainable Roseland web page;
  • Provide suggestions for further research and actions;
  • Provide advice and suggestions to the Planning Board, the Board of Adjustment, the Environmental Commission and the Landmarks and Historic District Commission to ensure that environmental issues are considered in their deliberations and actions; 
  • Manage and organize various ad hoc environmental groups within the Borough;
  • Solicit and evaluate environmental ideas and suggestions from the community;
  • Promote the causes of sustainability within the Borough.


The Green Team shall consist of fifteen (15) members, including the Borough Administrator or the Administrator's designee in the absence of the Administrator; a member of the governing body, a member of the Environmental Commission, three (3) full-time salaried employees of the Borough; eight (8) public members who shall be residents of the Borough, (two (2) of whom shall be students at West Essex High School).

The term of the Borough Administrator, the full-time employees of the Borough shall correspond to their respective tenure or if the member is the respective official's designee in the absence of the official, the designee shall serve at the pleasure of the official during the official's tenure. The term of the governing body member and the member of the Environmental Commission shall be for one year or terminate at the completion of their respective terms of office, whichever occurs first. The Public members shall be appointed by the Borough Council and shall serve for terms of one year commencing on July 1 and terminating on June 30. The Borough Council shall designate one of the members to serve as Chairman of the Green Team. With the exception of the salaried employees of the Borough, the members shall serve without compensation.

The Green Team shall meet at the discretion of the Chairman at least once per calendar quarter.

Board Members

Name Title
Maureen Chumacas
Christopher Bardi Council Liaison
Yervant Dermenjian Board Member
Jessica Freda Board Member
Scott Gorman Board Member
Matt Biront Board Member